A Team Always Wins Together..

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I was never a sports guy ­ maybe because I liked literature, preferably writing, more. To remain closed in my room with a pen in hand, trying to scribble magic with words, pulling out my hair, fascinated me more than getting exhausted in the sun playing football. Sports are indeed the core part of our routine ­ for some, they work as ‘Revital Capsule’ to charge their dying batteries, but for me, they never worked out.

But, like they say, “We never know what is coming our way Next”



On 15th July 2016, for the first time in my life, I participated in a sports event. It was the most anticipated sports event ­ “Soccer For Child Rights – A Soccer Tournament “ ­ for CRY and all of us, have been organised to raise funds for children and various programs. As one of the persistent CRY volunteers, I was entrusted with some duties for the day ­ I was to coordinate with few teams.

Yeah, I didn’t actually play but helped in managing teams for smooth games.

Honestly, I don’t enjoy games and was truly sceptical if I would cherish the tournament or not, but ‘When duty calls, one has no choice’. I reached the location and saw a big ground flooded with people, volunteers, teams from various companies, a special team of children, banners all around. A separate place for food was made available for the playing teams and volunteers, a team of nurses and doctors for medical aid, few tents for everyone to rest, a commentator and an RJ to entertain everyone. To my knowledge, It was a complete event with everything ready – food, water, refreshment, medical aid, entertainment and spectators with energy ­ everything in order for everyone.

With the passage of time, I began to start liking the environment in the field. Without having the sense of game’s rules, I started to enjoy each goal. To my surprise, I could feel the rush of mixed feelings ­ goal or foul. Intentionally or Unintentionally, I chose my team and started to support it.

Prayed enough and asked ” God, make it win”.




Yeah, that was the effect of the games on me, I could feel the rising fever for the game, building tension who will win the match, and dying energy due to work at hands. I was shell shocked, a person like me who didn’t know ‘abc’ of football or soccer, was deep down in the game ­ less because it was a duty, but it had my attention.




I strongly believe, to all these feelings and experience, the whole atmosphere ­ be it the team players and supporters or organisers and volunteers or the new people I got to meet ­ was responsible. They made the whole event full of life and energy, that no one could stop from becoming the part of the gushing effervescence.

Now, after that event, I could feel more close to the games, at least to soccer. In a nutshell, it was one of the best memories, I could gather while volunteering for CRY. And certainly, I’m going to cherish it forever. Thanks CRY for this ‘ONE DAY’.


I’m looking for more of these Tournaments in future.


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