Together We Are ‘STRONGER’

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Yeah, together, our voice has power, our actions become forceful, our words hold weight and we stay put for longer. When we all come together and work for a common goal, we look up and  make efforts incessantly, we fall and crumble, we lose and win but never settle down. When we are together, we  bring a real change – a change we hope to see everyday, everywhere. Together, we are giant and have the power to fight fiercely, because together

We Hundred Become One

This Sunday,  all the volunteers’ of ‘CRY’ came together to address various issues which have been eating up our society since the inception. To shake the evil foundation of problems like ‘Child Abuse’, ‘Girl Child Marriage’, ‘Child labour’, ‘Malnourishment of kids and adolescents’, we all walked together in the streets of Madiwala Basti, trying to knock out these threatening plagues from each home.

In this effort, we were not alone. With us, we had the victims of these societal predators – we had the ‘Kids’ from the basti with us, walking by our side, matching their voices with ours and chanting their long wishes relentlessly, to elicit the obscured pain. When asked to write down their feelings about the schools, about teachers, their day to day lives, we came across the real picture of millions of kids, across the globe, whose difficulties go unnoticed every single day.  ‘I love my teachers’, ‘Let’s go to school’, ‘I want to learn’ and many more slogans scribbled down by kids did open our minds and gave us the confidence to speak with more conviction.


They say, ‘If given the right wings, imagination can fly boundless and unearth the most creative work, the world could witness’ and the drawing by ‘Ajay’  made me sure of it.


How the love for his school came out of his heart in the form of words on this sheet. How dearly he wants everyone to go to school and get the education which every kid deserves. ‘Let’s go to school’ in this work is priceless and speaks everything.


We all prepared charts to put across our messages loud and clear, we tried to raise a voice which could bring in a revolution – a revolution stronger to stand against these oddities,  tougher enough to bear any blow, confident enough to remain persistent and never shake, sufficient  to uproot these uncountable societal predators. Today, volunteers from Bangalore have done it, tomorrow someone else will take it further – the need of the hour is to never stop and perennially keep going.

we can fight them.
we can shake their foundation, demolish their evil castle.
We can save the kids from being victimized,
and ensure them a bright future.
Together, we are Stronger.   



One thought on “Together We Are ‘STRONGER’

    Swarchaa said:
    November 2, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Well composed!!! Amazingly documented 🙂🙂🙂

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