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A festive season was around the corner, and a joyous, exhilarating vibe was hitting every single person. People were excited about the feast, and so was I.  Since, It was Diwali, thereby everywhere, I could see uncountable flickering tiny bulbs; buildings were laden with celebration lights, stars and what not. Everybody wanted their place to shine brightest and look bestest. My friends and colleagues, all started to leave for their hometown, and amidst all of this, a single though hitting my conscience was “ I’m gonna miss celebrating Diwali with my family”, as I was not going home.

But, this year Diwali was not like as I thought it would be. On the very auspicious day, CRY gave me an opportunity to celebrate it with the another family, I had become part of a year back. Yeah, this year, I celebrated Diwali with the kids and volunteers – I got to celebrate it with my ‘CRY Family’ and to my surprise, it was as much fun and festivity as it would have been at my home. To mark the beginning of the day, we went to the Madiwala area, gathered kids from all around, and started activities session with ‘Diya Making’. We asked kids to make ideas using clay and paint them later. Further, to make it more fun, we asked them to make paper lamps. I was stunned to see the creativity of the kids – the colorful Diyas and Lamps which these kids made were not only beautiful but also the testament of the talent which they have been hiding. To complete the day, we brought some crackers for the kids to burn as we all knew that kids would love it. The day was passing by but the energy in kids was only going up, as we kept moving from one activity to another. Everybody knows that “No festival is festival until you share sweets among everyone “. Therefore, to make this day, even more, sweeter, we shared sweets amongst kids and prayed the lord to bless everyone.

This all happened in Madiwala Church – around 10 volunteers and 25  kids from the basti joined to make this day blissful. Even the youngest ones of the society became the part of the grand celebration and were the center of attraction. To make it more memorable, some of the kids even brought the Ganesha Idols, which they had learned to make during Ganesh Chathurthi workshop, for Diwali pooja. For me, everything was overwhelming and more than what I had expected. I knew that I was missing my home, but what all happened in one day on this Diwali was more than I could have asked for this grand festival and for this, this experience will always have a special corner in my memories.

Experience by Swarchaa Kataria, CRY volunteer from Bangalore on her Diwali celebration away from family,  with CRY Volunteers and Kids.


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