Towards Advanced Learning – a trip to museum

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To be a part of this present world is a wonderful experience in itself; everyday coming advancements, ground breaking discoveries every minute, and inventions to make our life better and best in this world, have made our existence well placid and contented.  But beside relishing this development, appreciating the progress being made, it’s of utmost importance to understand this evolution and expansion around us. To learn the mechanism, apprehend the logics behind them, a study becomes an indispensable part, and for so, we – CRY Volunteers, decided to take kids to the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum for a leap into the pool of wisdom available for everyone to dive in.

As planned, we, volunteers, gathered in the madiwala area to pick up all kids. I knew it was going to be a fun-filled and an informative day, and when I saw the brewing curiosity on kid’s face, I became more sure and confident of this outing. To embark our day, we booked the cabs to reach the destination. All of the kids were really excited, and inside silently contemplating  “ How would a trip to museum be like? ” – as most of them had never been to a museum before.

When we reached outside the museum, kids rushed out of the cabs and started hooting as they could not keep their excitement to themselves anymore. To end their wait, we went inside and not only kids but we all volunteers were stunned too by the huge building and the artifacts it had kept. Fascinated by everything there, we went to each section and explained the kids about different mechanical, electrical, computer basic processes. They were happy or rather excited to know about magnetism and aviation mechanism. I remember vividly, there was one kid who was smartest of all and seemed really interested in knowing every detail about everything. Also, I found out that he was part of the museum visit last year too, thereby he remembered all of it. To my surprise, he knew stuff about windmills, trains, and mechanical motors. He also corrected me if I went wrong anywhere in explaining basics to other kids. Further, to make this visit a little playful, we started playing a bit in the mirror maze and solved some puzzles.

It took us almost 4 hours to roam around the whole place and understand bits and bytes of the things at the display. Finally, in the evening, we all decided to head back, but before we left we made kids eat snacks and light food to regain some energy and to remember this day forever, we clicked few pictures.

If I have to sum up this experience in just one line, then I would say

“It was not just a trip to a museum, but a step towards the advancement I wish to see for these kids to understand and become part of ”


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